Smartphone Apps are no longer a novelty.

Our Mobile Planet found that in May 2012, 52% of Australians owned a smartphone. This is up 15% from 2011.
In 2013 we expect that 65% of Australians will own a smartphone.
This means that over 90% of households with 3 people can access MySchoolsApp.

(Our Mobile Planet is Google's smartphone statistic centre, full reports available here)

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How else can my school benefit?

The statistics are clear, this medium of communication is the future. Is your school in a position to keep up with the community?

The MySchoolsApp product is specifically designed to strengthen the communication between schools and parents. It provides an explicit and ongoing link between the classroom and the home learning environments. The App helps to empower parents to take an active role in their child's education and broader school community.

Benefits for schools:
- A great advertisement to attract new families to the school.
- Strengthen parent, school and community partnerships.
- Upload weekly school newsletters and post the latest news as it happens.
- An interactive calendar of events.
- Greater parental involvement in student's learning through individual class blogs. (Optional)
- A sustainability initiative, move towards a paperless school.
- Reaching over 90% of households.
- Surprisingly affordable!

Promoting a culture of collaboration

"Family participation in education is twice as predictive of student's academic success as family socioeconomic status." Epstein, 2005

In recent times, there has been an educational shift back towards children's primary educators, their parents.

Schools and educational organisations are beginning to grasp the potential benefits of working with families to achieve better outcomes for children. Government initiatives such the 'National Smarter Schools Partnerships' have focused on empowering parents and the broader community to take a more active role in schooling.

MySchoolsApp is designed by teachers and provides a meaningful, modern and convenient link between classrooms and parents. It has resulted in a greater awareness and participation in the areas of school leadership, community identity and day to day learning.