MySchoolsApp. Tap into your community.

Using fast native iOS and Android applications, contact your student's families with the wide range of features listed below.

Newsletters & School Calendar. Information at your fingertips.

Upload newsletters, add events to your calendar and provide important documents via the Admin tab.
Native iPad support means your documents will be displayed at brilliant retina resolutions.

Notifications. Stay in touch.

Gain immediate access to the majority of the parent body. Send out important reminders that can be received instantly or forward dated.

Class Blogs & Other News. Stay updated from your pocket.

Promote a culture of collaboration and encourage parents to take an active role in children's education.

Content Management System. Easier than updating Facebook.

Specifically designed to be a simple and time effective way to maintain and update your app.

Upgrade. Website need a touch up?

We also offer a complete website and application package that allows schools to reinvent all aspects of their communication technology.